We Love Your Photos…

…but please follow the Submission Guidelines below. If it is your first time to submit photos, congratulations! Please read through all the directions below before submitting your photos; it’s helpful to our curator when you follow the resizing, naming, and format conventions explained below.

   Learn How

 Submission Guidelines

  • Sunday evening before the Tuesday meeting
  • Late submissions might not get shown at the Tuesday meeting
  • Assignment — Photos taken for the optional monthly assignment
  • Outing — Photos taken at the previous outing
  • Share — Any other photos you want to share at the meeting
  • Critique — 1 photo that you want help with or input on (learn more)
How Many
  • Submit up to 9 photos (3 in each of the 3 categories): Assignment, Outing or Share. Photos submitted in these categories will be shown in the monthly slide show, but not discussed.
  • Submit 1 or 2 photos for critique. These photos will be discussed in a supportive environment so that we may all improve our technique.
  • Questions? The curator will be happy to answer them!
Videos Showing How to Resize Photos

If you don’t know how to resize your photos or choose the other settings listed in the File Format section below, one of the following how-to videos can help. Choose the one for the photo editing software you use.

File Naming
  • Make it pretty (we use the file name as the photo’s title)
  • Include the photo category so the curator doesn’t have to guess
  • Add a sequence number when 2 or more photos are in the same category
  • Examples:
    • Outing-1.jpg
    • Outing-2.jpg
    • Critique.jpg
    • Share.jpg
  • Not sure what to do? Please ask the curator before uploading your files
  • Advanced users: If you set the Exif title metadata, also use the above naming convention there
File Format
  • JPEG file format
  • 2000 pixels on the long side
  • Quality: Depends on your software
    • 75  where choice is 0 – 100  e.g. Lightroom
    • 9 where choice is 0 – 12  e.g. Photoshop
    • High where choice is Low, Medium, High, Maximum
    • Never choose 100, 12, or Maximum
  • Resolution: 100, but it doesn’t matter
  • For help with these settings, see the how-to videos above

How To Upload Your Photos (members-only please)

Club members can upload their files into the club’s Dropbox account where the curator can access them.

To upload photos:
  • Click the Upload Photos button at the end of this bullet list.
  • A new browser tab opens (screenshot #1 below).
  • Choose file(s) or drag them onto the Photo Club Uploads screen.
  • Type your name and email address (screenshot #2 below).
    These fields don’t appear if you are logged into Dropbox.
  • Click the blue Upload button.
  • When your files are uploaded, you’ll see “Thanks! You’re all done.”
  • Look for email from Dropbox saying what files you uploaded.

Need help? Please send email to the club curator.

Screenshot #1
Screenshot #2