Bob Thayer gave a presentation titled Acadian Winter. Winter in Maine is a very special time, a time that is only experienced by those few who are willing to withstand the rigors of cold days and short nights.  Those who do stay quickly develop an appreciation for the unique beauty that winter presents.  This program is an effort to capture and share some of those rarely seen aspects of Acadia in winter.

Bob’s background is actually in science.  He taught chemistry and biology for 30 years in Massachusetts. In 1982 he began working as a seasonal naturalist at Acadia National Park where he was given the opportunity to combine his teaching skills with his love of photographing nature in one of the country’s most beautiful classrooms. Photography has been his passion since the early 1970’s, beginning with black & white in the darkroom Although mostly self-taught, Bob has taken photography classes at the University of Maine, Rhode Island School of Design and the Maine Photographic Workshop.  In 1999 Down East Books published Bob’s first book:  The Park Loop Road, which was followed in 2001 by Beyond the Park Loop Road, and then in 2002 by Acadia’s Carriage Roads.

Member Slide Show

Members shared their “Great 8” – favorite images they made during the 2016-2017 club season.

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