Photo Credit – John R. Rivers

Our own John Rivers, an extraordinary wildlife photographer presented The Art and Techniques of Bird Photography at the October meeting. John discussed the relationships between birding and bird photography that have made each so popular. He focused on the importance of learning about birds, their habits and habitats, specialized camera gear, light, and continuous (burst) shooting.  He addressed specific techniques including focus, compensation, depth of field, and, of course, exposure/shutter speed/ISO. John used dozens and dozens of fabulous photographs of his as well as of other club members to illustrate his points.

Be sure to look at our Upcoming Events on the home page to learn about our outing at the end of October (our “November” outing!) when John will help us all to put into practice all that he shared with us. Thanks, John!


Our assignment for October was based on Bob Madden’s presentation at our September meeting (Putting the Photographer into the Photograph).  We were asked to pick a popular photo location (i.e. Bass Harbor Head Light, Somesville Bridge, Cadillac Sunrise, or off island) and show it in a unique or surprising way.

Additional Photographs Shared at the October Meeting

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