Presentation — The all new Lightroom CC

John Putnam and George Soules made a presentation on the all new Lightroom CC, a cloud-based photo service from Adobe that combines the photo-enhancing power of Lightroom with versatile cloud storage. It allows you to work with your photos anywhere: on your PC or Mac, smartphone, or tablet. John and George explained the differences between the newly released Lightroom CC version 1.0 and the original desktop Lightroom which is now called Lightrooom Classic CC. They also demonstrated using Lightroom CC on a Mac, iPhone, and iPad Pro.

If you have been considering using Lightroom, but are intimated by it’s steep learning curve, you might find that the new product is easier to use. This talk was of particular interest if you often take pictures with your phone and also do post-processing on a desktop computer.

As part of this talk, George shared his first-hand experience with Lightroom CC on a recent two week trip taking pictures with an iPhone and a DSLR, and editing on the road with an iPhone and iPad, and later back home with a desktop computer.


The assignment for the December meeting was to create an image that depicts “Giving Thanks.”


In addition to the Assignment and Outing photos, our members shared these great images in December.

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