Photo credit: Tillman Crane

Guest speaker Tillman Crane shared the story of his 40-year career as a photojournalist and teacher.   He focused on his journey into the world of platinum printing through his study of the work of Frederick Evans. Tillman then shared a number of his extraordinary photographs and his published books.  He stressed the important of taking images around a theme or special place over a long period of time.  Tillman’s photographic collections/books of the Erie Canal, China, and Scotland were the result of such in-depth undertakings. A number of the images had a dreamlike quality and Tillman went into great detail about how to achieve such effects.

We are especially grateful to Tillman for staying to critique a number of images that had be submitted by club members. Always such a helpful experience for photographers!



Photo credit: Tillman Crane


The Assignment for January was “New Beginnings”

Members Shared these Images

Critique Images

Tillman led the membership on a critique of these images.

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