Beehive by Howie Motenko


Howie Motenko provided an overview of 11 Black and White Digital Conversation Techniques that can be used in Photoshop and/or Lightroom:

  1. Convert to Grayscale: Image > Mode > Grayscale
  2. Desaturate: Use a Hue/Saturation layer plus a Contrast layer
  3. Convert to Lab Color: Image > Mode > Lab Color (use the Lightness channel)
  4. Black & White: Use a Black & White layer plus Curves
  5. Gradient Map: Use a Gradient Map layer
  6. Channel Mixer: Use a Channel Mixer layer > Monochrome
  7. Luminosity Mask: google this one – it’s complicated
  8. Film & Filter: Use 2 Hue/Saturation layers and change the Blend Mode to Color on the bottom one
  9. Film & Filter: Use 2 Hue/Saturation layers and change the Blend Mode to Color on the top one
  10. Inversion: Image > Adjustments > Invert
  11. Buy an add-in product: Silver Efex Pro – Nik Collection by DXO
Landscape photographer, Howie Motenko, lives in Maine where he draws continuous inspiration from Acadia National Park, literally in his backyard. Howie’s creativity, combined with his long-term project perseverance, has led to two community collaborative projects: Painting Islands and Painting Bridges, and these have dovetailed into his current project, which is a secret until the snow melts.
Howie is honored to be accepted into Acadia National Park’s 2019 Artist-in-Residents program. He was the recipient of a Maine Arts Commission grant for his Painting Islands project and was recognized with the Friends of Acadia “Community Volunteer Award” for his Painting Bridges project.
Solo exhibitions from his projects include: Maine State Capitol and at various venues on Mount Desert Island including Acadia National Park. Through print sales, Howie is proud to have donated over $5000 to local non-profit organizations.
Howie leads photography tours and workshops through his business, Acadia Photo Safari. He holds a Master of Liberal Arts degree from Harvard University.


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