We heard from a distinguished panel of Mt Desert Island’s most beloved and exceptional artists on the topics of sustaining a creative life and fostering a creative community: Frank Bachman, a senior member of the MDI High School Theater staff for twenty years and an actor/singer with a national performance CV; Bronwyn Kortge, the acclaimed musical director for over 20 years both for the vocal ensembles and show choirs at MDI High School, as well as for the Bagaduce Chorale; and Linda Rowell-Kelley whose work embraces both impressionism, abstraction, and most recently, social commentary.

Members submit these photographs for discussion and constructive feedback.

Choose a location. As you explore the location, trying different angles and moving from subject to subject, build a scene. Your scene should include an Establishing Shot, a Vignette, and a Close-up or Detail Shot. These three images combined should offer the viewer a complete look at your location, perhaps even telling a story.

Members shared this additional photographs from their travels over the past month.

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