Our next meeting will be Tuesday May 10th at 6:30pm via zoom. Our presenter will be Jim McCarthy. He will be presenting “Peace Elders: Watering the roots of nonviolence, community and social justice.”

Description: This project includes portraits and photo-essays depicting the work of people who’ve been doing the real work of making our world a better place — both here in Maine and beyond. They range from a Quaker activist in Freeport who created a nonprofit to feed, shelter and educate AIDS orphans in Kenya to a self-taught heirloom apple detective who’s helping to save Maine’s most-treasured apples..

Biography: Jim retired almost three years ago from a 36-year career as a print journalist, with most of those years spent working as a reporter and editor at The Times Record daily newspaper in Brunswick. His work has appeared in juried exhibitions at the Cleveland Museum of Art, Butler Institute of American Art and Center for the Arts at the Chocolate Church, as well as in solo exhibitions in Maine and Ohio.



Or, any garden wildlife – sit in your garden or a local park and see what emerges.  Perhaps you have a bird feeder? Maybe you experiment with long exposure techniques to showcase movement?  Or pull out a macro lens and look for the smallest examples of wildlife?

Here are some links for inspiration:

– A Guide to Garden Macro Photography https://www.naturettl.com/a-guide-to-garden-macro-photography/
– How to Photograph Garden Birds https://www.naturettl.com/how-to-photograph-garden-birds/
– How to Attract Mammals to your Garden for Photography https://www.naturettl.com/how-to-attract-mammals-to-your-garden-for-photography/
– Squirrel Week! https://www.washingtonpost.com/dc-md-va/2022/04/11/best-of-squirrel-photos/