Award-winning landscape photographer Lynn Teo Simarski gave a wonderfully informative presentation about Antarctic photography. She described its fascinating history and provided tips for photographing desolate landscapes. She also showcased her own elemental, abstract-leaning images of Antarctic ice, rock, water, and wind shot from a cruise ship over several seasons.
Lynn Teo Simarski’s photography and writing bring the unnoticed to view in Antarctica, as well
as in other wild waterscapes and landscapes.  While living aboard a boat, she wrote a column
and articles about the Chesapeake Bay for newspapers and magazines. Her award-winning
fine-art photographs of the Bay, along with her photographs made in Antarctica, Maine,
Wisconsin, and South Carolina, can be seen on her website (  Her
work has been shown in galleries and other venues, and is in private collections in Maryland,
Virginia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Texas, and California. As a science writer,
she managed media relations for research supported by the National Science Foundation in
Antarctica and the Arctic and was a speechwriter for the Foundation’s director.  She is writing a
book about the Chesapeake Bay.


Members have the opportunity at each meeting to submit images for a supportive discussion of what works and what could be done differently.


The Assignment for this meeting was available light night photography. For this assignment, members made photographs at night using whatever light was available (that is, no flash or other photographer supplied lighting).


Members shared these additional photographs they made over the past month.

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