Presentation: Advanced Mobile Photography

Mark Hemmings has been a professional photographer since 1998, working as a travel, street, commercial, architectural and advertising photographer. Every year he leads photographers of all skill levels on international photo workshops. He is also the author of two books from the famous “For Dummies” series. “iPhone Photography for Dummies” and “Android Smartphone Photography for Dummies” is available at all major bookstores. Mark’s presentation demonstrated ways to capture creative and technically excellent mobile photographs when you don’t have access to your DSLR or mirrorless. 

You can see Mark’s work at and his Instagram profile at


Members have the opportunity at each meeting to submit images for a supportive discussion of what works and what could be done differently.


The Assignment for the April meeting was to make photos in which what the light is doing is the main thing, is the subject, the thing that makes other things happen. Just move around with this as a starting point, but let other elements express also, like what the light is falling on, how that might change the thing, or how it might lead you. 


Members shared these additional photographs they made over the past month.

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