Internationally known photographer Mark Hemmings gave a presentation on the ethical use of artificial intelligence in photography.  Recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) vastly expand the ability of photographers to modify their photos.  For example, one can take a photo of a person in their bedroom and replace the bedroom background with a street scene from Paris pulled off the internet, or conjure up photographs of people and places one has never seen by giving an AI program key words. 

Like any new technology, AI is a tool that can be used for both good or bad purposes and thus requires ethical choices.  Hemmings discussed those choices and offered use-cases and example tutorials to showcase improvements to photographic workflows. 

Hemmings has been a pioneer of new camera technology, authoring iPhone Photography for Dummies and Android Smartphone Photography for Dummies.  A professional photographer since 1998, Hemmings works as a travel, street, commercial, architectural and advertising photographer. Every year he leads photographers of all skill levels on international photo workshops. You can explore his photos on his website


The following images were submitted for Critique, a supportive conversation among members to help a photographer achieve their vision.


This month we reprised our November speaker, Jim Nickelson, who spoke to us on finding abstract photos from nature.  The assignment was to create artistic abstract images.


Members shared these additional images they made over the past month.

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