Matthew Rosler, a professional picture framer and artist with more than 10 years of experience in the field, presented on the many choices one faces when framing images for presentation either at home or in a gallery setting. Before beginning his career in framing, he worked as the gallery manager for Susan Maasch Fine Art in Portland, Maine and received his BA in Art History from Bates College.  During his presentation, Rosler provided an introduction to the framing process, including materials, sizing, and matting.  He also discussed various aesthetics, archival, and cost considerations. 


The following images were submitted for Critique, a supportive conversation among members to help a photographer achieve their vision.


We had two assignments to choose from for this meeting: (1) make images utilizing generative AI tools or (2) make a food photograph based on one of the 21 holidays of the period (championship sport games are a holiday for some people).  


Members shared these additional images they made over the past month.

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