Capturing the right moment at the right time is just part of the process of generating a high-quality photograph others will enjoy.  Using photo editing software to make framing, lighting and other adjustments after taking a photo has become standard practice and often is key to creating an engaging picture.  Colleen Miniuk shared her approach to photo editing through interactive live demonstration.


The following images were submitted for Critique, a supportive conversation among members to help a photographer achieve their vision.


Following the informative presentation by our January speaker about framing photographs, our January Photo Club assignment was to make “frame-within-a-frame” images.  In this compositional technique, you place your subject inside a second frame. The first frame refers to the edge of the photograph – hence the name, frame-within-a-frame. Sub-frame is another way of calling the frame-within-a-frame technique. The sub-frame is the second frame introduced inside the edges of the photograph. Hence, a frame-within-a-frame


Members shared these additional images they made over the past month.

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