There’s more than what first meets the eye when photographing buildings, as Chicago photographer Angie McMonigal explain in her presentation on patterns in architecture.

McMonigal is a fine art and commercial architecture photographer who strives to bring a detailed, thoughtful perspective to her work and the photography workshops she leads. Having grown up surrounded by nature yet fascinated by the big city she’s called home for more than two decades, she applies the meditative calm of her upbringing to an urban terrain that’s always transforming. Drawing from her education in molecular biology, microbiology, and virology, McMonigal’s focus is more frequently on bold architectural details rather than sweeping cityscapes, creating images that celebrate those unexpectedly iconic elements hiding in plain sight.  You can find her photography on her website


The following images were submitted for Critique, a supportive conversation among members to help a photographer achieve their vision.


This month’s assignment came from our last presenter Colleen Minuik–conceptual binding. The prompt she gave us was to think of something you like doing i.e. walking, playing, watching.  Then think of something in your neighborhood i.e. houses, trees, people.  Create photographs expressing the combination of these two ideas i.e. walking houses, playing trees, watching people.  


Members shared these additional images they made over the past month.

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