Smart phone cameras have become so good that even professional photographers use them.  Yet most people don’t make full use of them to achieve stunning photos.  The best camera to have is the one that fits in your pocket and is with you at all times, stresses professional photographer and award-winning author Margie Patlak.  On Tuesday, April 9th, she gave a presentation on how to do photography on the fly using an iPhone.  She shared why she switched from using a bulky SLR camera and a darkroom to solely using the iPhone camera and its photo editing program, and why it and other compact cameras are especially suited for nature photography.  She then explained how to use the various camera settings, options, editing features, photo filing and searching capabilities of the iPhone. 

Margie Patlak is author of the photobook Wild and Wondrous: Nature’s Artistry on the Coast of Maine and the nature memoir More Than Meets the Eye: Exploring Nature and Loss on the Coast of Maine.  Her photographs have been in several solo and group exhibits and will be shown at the Schoodic Institute in Winter Harbor and the Maine Jewish Museum in Portland this summer.  Patlak divides her time between Corea, Maine and Philadelphia. 


The following images were submitted for Critique, a supportive conversation among members to help a photographer achieve their vision.


The assignment for our April meeting was Repeating Patterns.  As we saw in Angie McMonigal’s presentation at our March meeting, the use of repeating patterns in our photographs can create very strong compositions.  Realism or abstract, color or b&w, natural or man made, the possibilities are limitless.  We had fun with this assignment!


Members shared these additional images they made over the past month.

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