George Soules was the speaker for our October meeting. His topic was: The Secret Life of Pixels — The Journey from Camera to JPEG File.

The presentation explained what happens from the moment you press your camera’s shutter button to the time when you have a file ready to print or share by email and social media. Understanding this process will help you make better use of your digital camera, know what to do and not do during post-processing, and choose the right settings when exporting an image from your editing software. In his talk, Soules demystified digital image files and the terminology associated with them.

George Soules is a software architect, photographer, and president of the MDI Photo Club. He promises that anyone who shoots with a digital camera and uses photo editing software will learn something from this fun and enlightening presentation.


You have been contacted by the editor of “My Backyard” – a magazine that caters to photography clubs in New England. The feature article for the next issue will showcase an MDI Photo Club outing — and you have been asked to provide the images that will illustrate the article! The editor is looking for three types of images: (1) club members participating in the outing; (2) overall images that showcase the beauty of the outing destination; (3) an image suitable for the cover of the magazine.

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