The MDI Photo Club December outing was in Northeast Harbor. We had a good turnout to celebrate the end of 2016 and the beginning of the new year. We met at the Town Marina on a cold, clear morning just as the sun was coming up. There were many opportunities to capture the early morning golden light across the harbor, the boats, and the winter landscape.

After an hour or so at the harbor, and just as our fingers were completely chilled, we were able to warm up in the Great Harbor Maritime Museum on Main Street. Sydney Roberts Rockefeller opened the museum just for us and had warmed up the first floor by the time we arrived.  The museum is located in the former firehouse and town office building on Main Street and celebrates the maritime heritage of the Mount Desert Region. The seasonal exhibit area was mostly vacant, but we were able to view the permanent exhibits, photograph the building’s architectural details, and explore the many historic artifacts upstairs. The model ships are always a delight and upstairs was filled with antiques including some beautiful safes with floral decals on the inside doors.

Sydney and Kenn Chandler also provided hot chocolate and pastries for a special treat – thank you!

After the museum some folks strolled down Main Street as the sun lit the fronts of the picturesque village buildings.

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