Vincent Lawrence gave a wonderful talk on on the techniques and challenges of panoramic photography. Panoramic photography really does widen your horizons, but as Vince demonstrated, that’s not all it’s good for. As just one example, stitching multiple images together to create a single picture can greatly increase the number of megapixels which in turn provides more detail and the option of making really large prints.

Vincent was born and raised on Mount Desert Island, the National Park as his back yard.  There are few places, on or off the trail, that he has not explored.  An avid adventurer and rock climber he learned to capture images that communicated his experiences with others. Vincent is excited to teach others and to help them develop their own photographic style.


Our Assignment for December was Winter. What does Winter mean to you? Snowy landscapes and sea smoke? Curling up by a cozy fire? Holiday decorations? Good times with family and friends? Travel to warmer climes? The assignment was to create images that showcase the many facets of Winter.

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