The MDI Photo Club November outing occurred on December 3rd, 2106 at 1 pm at Lower Hadlock Pond and its surrounding trails.  The Pond itself is beautiful and includes views across to several mountains.  A relatively easy trail circumnavigates the pond and other trails wind through an area of granite ledges and caves, many mosses and lichens, and some views to the west.   Hadlock Stream cuts through the middle of the area and spills through an old reservoir that is of interest.  The entry road is near the top of the hill that descends into Northeast Harbor.

We met near the dam at the west end of the pond. The day was blustery, gray, and accompanied by snow flurries. It was a perfect day for staying home, but even more perfect for photographing the rich, but subtle colors of the moss and leaf covered forest floor as well as the rushing waters of Hadlock Stream. Club members dispersed among the network of trails maintained by the Northeast Harbor Village Improvement Society (VIS). Incorporated in 1898, the VIS maintains 14 trails outside the boundaries of Acadia National Park from Northeast Harbor village up to Lower Hadlock Pond and to the Asticou Stream. Many of us met up with each other here and there, and everyone was appreciative of the beautiful surroundings. A special thanks to our outings coordinator Kenn Chandler for setting up this fun outing.

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