Tom Lawrence was the speaker for our November meeting. His presentation explained why there is depth of field in a photograph, where the use of depth of field enters into the photographer’s tool kit, the simple basics of f-stops, and the  factors that affect depth of field. He alsol explore the mysterious term “hyperfocal distance,” discuss lenses that tilt, and end with  focus stacking. All of these techniques help control depth of field in our photographs.

Tom uses his photography in teaching.  He has produced slide shows on the  ecosystems in Acadia National Park, the geology of Mount Desert, the history and use of the Rockefeller Carriage Roads, and the native wildflowers of Acadia.  He has taught courses on Lightroom and general photography for our local adult education program.


Make an image using the technique of intentional camera movement to express your feelings about the changing seasons. This technique, which is done using a hand-held camera and shutter speeds from 1/4 to four seconds, lends itself to scenes with strong graphic elements and low light. iPhone users may want to download the $1.99 Slow Shutter Cam app (be sure to go to the Settings screen and set Picture Resolution to the highest setting e.g. 8MP for an iPhone 5S).

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