Presentation – Gear Night

Come for a hands-on demonstration of some cool and useful gear:

Tom Lawrence will offer a live demonstration on the ins and outs of macro flower photography, incorporating the use of macro equipment, external flashes, and focus stacking.  Bring your own memory card to use with Tom’s set up if you want to give it a try.

Dorothea Eiben will demonstrate some fun and creative photography equipment including a lens cap pinhole for digital pinhole photography, a soft focus lens for creative portraits and still life photography, and the Selphy printer – bring along your smartphone if you want to try out the printer!

John Putnam will show off some of the filters he uses for landscape and nature photography, including the circular polarizer, neutral density (ND) filters, and graduated ND filters.  He will also be demonstrating proper equipment care, bring a lens or even a dirty sensor to have cleaned.

Assignment / Critique – Learning Through the Lens


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