Photo By Kenn Chandler

Saturday April 1st is the date for our next outing (really, no fooling!) We’ll meet at 10 am at Atlantic Art Glass located at 25 Pine Street in Ellsworth.  Owners Ken and Linda Perrin have been blowing amazing glass works and teaching the art of blowing glass for many years.  We will not only be allowed to photograph their works in the studio and their classic old industrial brick building, but also photograph them in action working molten glass and using their kilns.

All manner of lenses will work in this situation with  chances for wide-angle, macro, and short telephoto shots.  Ken and Linda will give a short talk about the process of glass blowing when we arrive at 10, and then allow us free run of the shop and gallery with two caveats: don’t disturb the artists when they are working, and due to limited space some of us may have to wait to get inside.

MDI Photo Club member Judith Brown will stand-in for our faithful outings coordinator who will be thinking of you from many miles away.

Help save our planet by car pooling with a friend or two!

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