Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Student Photo Contest.

First Place:  Ending a Beautiful Day With a Beautiful View by Sarah MacDonald, 9th grade, MDI High School

Though we have all walk by a similar scene before, this photographer was ultimately successful in capturing the energy and emotion of the moment with their iPhone. The judging committee appreciates the photographer’s ability to see the beauty in an everyday object and create a very elegant composition. The elements of this image support and balance each other: the sense of depth by using the steel girder as a strong leading line, the sense of tension by tilting the horizon, the strong geometric shapes balance the soft hues of: green, red, and orange. The choice to exclude the sun in this beautifully lit sunset image, along with the textures and water reflection implies a sense of abstraction to this realistic photograph.


Second Place:  Lucy by Maggie Collins, 10th grade, MDI High School

The simplicity and clarity of idea is expressed cleanly to create this strong image. By placing the dog off center, it opens up negative space. The reflection in the dog’s eyes, along with the “pops” of white snow on the black fur make for a strong execution. Photographing a dark subject on a white background is always tricky. The judging committee appreciates the photographer compositional consideration, perfect exposure, shallow depth of field, and selective focus to transform the simple subject into a storytelling image.


Third Place:  Seeing the World Through Raindrops by Delanie Shepard, 12th grade, MDI High School

The overlay of water drops helps provide this image with an overall texture and depth. The judging committee appreciates the use of strong diagonal lines to help draw your eye into the scene. The photograph is further strengthened with the juxtaposition of using the simple design and beauty of an everyday object as the subject while abstracting other objects, creating a sense of realism and abstraction.


Honorable Mention:  Cohabitation by Emerson Jeffery, 11th grade, MDI High School

The photographer instantly draws the viewer into the image by the novel idea of interweaving two human figures within the landscape. The judging committee appreciates the photographer’s pre-visualization and leveraging of digital photography in a creative way. The repeating pattern of the fence and the use of the negative space in the chain links as a canvas, helps to make an eye catching composition. This concept merits more exploration.

Below are all of the student submissions. Thanks to everyone who submitted photos and keep on shooting!

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