You KNOW you want to help to make the November slideshow a great success!

The assignment for the November 14th meeting (remember to submit photos by Sunday evening, Nov 12th) is to pay homage to another artist by creating a photograph. You can pay tribute another photographer in the club, to that watercolor artist you’ve always loved, to a sculptor, illustrator, or an artist of any medium whose work you’ve admired, treasured, or been puzzled by. If you would like, you may also submit a photo of the work that inspired you. Have fun with this assignment! 

As always you’re welcome to submit photos for the Outing, Share, and Critique categories as well. Our slideshows this fall have been fabulous — let’s keep it up! NOTE: It’s been unusual to have TWO outings since our last meeting. You may submit three photos for EACH of the two outings (if you were fortunate enough to attend both).

Don’t forget that club members can also submit three photographs to the “Share” category and one for the “Critique” category.

Click on “Submit photos” above and we’ll walk you through the easy process!

Here’s the final count for your potential submissions for the November meeting:

  • Assignment – 1 homage AND a photo of what inspired you
  • Outing – 6 (3 pictures for each of two outings)
  • Share – 3 (maximum)
  • Critique – 1

We’re going to need popcorn!