Our presenter was Gary Green, an Associate Professor of Art at Colby College, where he has taught photography since 2007. He presented: “What makes a book of photos a photobook, and why have they become so important?

Gary talked about his passion for the photobook, gave a little bit of history, showed some examples of books and left time for questions and discussions about the nitty gritty process of making one’s own book. He also left us with some resources we can check out for more information about the wide variety of photobooks available today:

  • photoeye.com/bookstore/ — excellent source of photobooks
  • Making a book with Steidl — look for this movie on streaming services
  • NGA.gov/features/robert-frank — National Gallery of Art
  • loc.gov/collections — Library of Congress
  • spacescorners.com — online gallery of photobooks


Photographers are invited to share images for discussion and constructive feedback.


Our assignment was simply holiday lights — have fun!


Members shared these additional images from their adventures throughout the month.

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