Barbara Bordnick –  Flower, Fashion and Portrait photography

Award-winning and world-renowned photographer Barbara Bordnick shared her unique approach to photography that was refined with her portrait and fashion photos and then applied to photographing flowers in ways that hadn’t been done before. She also discussed the technical aspects of shooting flower photos, emphasizing her creative approach.

Barbara Bordnick’s photographs have been published in HARPER’S BAZAAR, TIME, NEWSWEEK,VANITY FAIR and other magazines. Her photos also appear in the permanent collections of several museums, including the Portland Museum of Art in Maine, and one of her portraits was used for a US postage stamp. Bordnick has had several one-woman photography exhibits, was the first woman president of the American Society of Magazine Photographers, and was awarded the International Photographic Council’s Leadership Award at the United Nations. She has published three books of her flower photography (SEARCHINGS: Secret Landscapes of Flowers Vol. I-III).

If you missed Barbara’s amazing talk, you can see some of her work at her website at


Members have the opportunity at each meeting to ask for critique and discussion of what works and what could be done differently.


Our assignment for this meeting was to make double exposures by any means we chose. Members shared these images:


Members shared these additional images from their explorations since last meeting.

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